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Product Registration

Welcome to the SAVITREK registration page. We thank you for your purchase. We have spent 100s of hours on the development and manufacturing of our Blanket and are proud of what we have achieved.

Our Blankets are Proudly Australian Made, supporting local jobs and manufacturing.
We are proud of our Product and wish you many years of enjoyment using it.

We are working on new and innovative Products to make our life safer and better, so make sure you come back to visit our site.

The purpose of the product registration is to share with you what we as a family, have gone through various different ways to use and maintain our product, and this way it’s easier for you as a customer to know what we found it, is the best way to care for your blanket (if you find other ways, please send an email to and notify us. We will add this to our website and share with others placing your first name, as the finder of this solution.)


Why Register?


Registering your product online will help you understand the do’s and don’ts to keeps your Blanket in the best condition. It is an investment in your life, and proper care will mean it will be around for a long time.


  • For cleaning marks, gently wipe using a cloth with warm soapy water, use wet wipes with PH neutral, or even a pencil eraser
  • Use only a Front Load Washing Machine with cold water or 30 degrees max.
  • Use neutral PH washing powder only.
  • Wash when it’s a sunny day in order to make sure your blanket dries
  • The Blanket can be air dried or tumble dried, on cool to warm settings.
  • After washing, make sure the blanket it is completely dry before rolling up and storing.
  • If the blanket gets wet whilst using, make sure it’s completely dry before storing


  • Do not leave babies unattended on the Blanket for safety reasons
  • Do not use Bleach, solvents, alcohol or stain removers.
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